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delivers flexible and innovative access and identity solutions. Our products are developed with a close partnership with ForgeRock – whose entire product stack we use to meet your needs.

As companies and governments go increasingly digital, the need for data security grows. While stories of hacking and leaking of information are spreading worldwide, IdentIT is consistently developing new methods to keep your vital information safe.

IdentIT, powered by IS4U, is the new and dedicated global implementation partner of Forgerock. We deliver services, customizations and best practice implementations of the entire ForgeRock Identity Stack.

Focus and Services

IdentIT manages the lifecycle of digital identities in your organization and helps you stay up to speed in an ever-changing world.

Access Management

Access management (AM) will enforce the rules set forth by, ideally, the identity management and identity governance systems.

Access managers typically cover only web-enabled solutions. They can provide fine-grained access controls (ABAC, RBAC and more) but typically these will be covered by applications themselves or by an entitlement service. Access management log files and audit trails provide valuable input for audits, compliance reviews, and security investigations.

Identity Management

Identity management (IDM) provides a central point to manage each user account, the identity, their access to systems and the appropriate rights on these systems and data. The identity management system defines the rights and rules for obtaining access to systems and data. The identity management system provides a central overview of what rights have been attributed to whom and why, making it the most valuable source of information when it comes to audits, compliance and security.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials, reducing user friction by lowering the number of credentials prompts and ensuring productivity.

SSO does not only provide great user experience, but it is also essential for mitigating phishing and social engineering attacks where malicious actors try to recreate a user login screen to try and harvest unique credentials.

Ready to manage your digital identities?

One Identity, One Solution, One Team

IdentIT is an accredited and certified team of IAM specialists and architects with a proven track record in complex and customized deployments across multiple sectors. We combine IT experience and adaptability to the world and our customers to provide the best possible service.

You can rely on our analysts, architects, developers and 24/7 support team of well-trained operation engineers to maintain the safety and security of your information.

Forgerock - Digital Identity and Access for Every One and Every Thing

The ForgeRock Identity Platform was developed to integrate with any of your digital services. More than legacy customer identity management, we designed the platform for the needs of IoT. With ForgeRock, you get the feeling it was all built to work together, because it was.

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