Enabling your digital identities to safely and simply access the connected world

Our mission is to provide expertise in Identity and Access Management focusing on ForgeRock’s Identity Platform to help our customers deepen their relationships with their consumers and improve the productivity and connectivity of their employees and partners.

In today’s highly connected digital world, understanding, managing and securing the identity of individuals and things is essential to the safety and success of both businesses and their customers. Billions of people connect from anywhere, use a wide variety of devices and expect a seamless yet secure experience.

Every IAM or CIAM project is an integration project, as digital identity touches every business process and information system. IdentIT’s highly skilled IAM experts bring valuable knowledge to the table. Our experience will provide you with a head start by maximizing the results of the IAM team, as common pitfalls are avoided, steep learning curves have already been overcome and knowledge sharing increases the overall effectiveness over time.

Focus and Services

IdentIT manages the lifecycle of digital identities in your organization and helps you stay up to speed in an ever-changing world.

Access Management

Access management (AM) will enforce the rules set forth by, ideally, the identity management and identity governance systems.

Access managers typically cover only web-enabled solutions. They can provide fine-grained access controls (ABAC, RBAC and more) but typically these will be covered by applications themselves or by an entitlement service. Access management log files and audit trails provide valuable input for audits, compliance reviews, and security investigations.

Identity Management

Identity management (IDM) provides a central point to manage each user account, the identity, their access to systems and the appropriate rights on these systems and data. The identity management system defines the rights and rules for obtaining access to systems and data. The identity management system provides a central overview of what rights have been attributed to whom and why, making it the most valuable source of information when it comes to audits, compliance and security.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials, reducing user friction by lowering the number of credentials prompts and ensuring productivity.

SSO does not only provide great user experience, but it is also essential for mitigating phishing and social engineering attacks where malicious actors try to recreate a user login screen to try and harvest unique credentials.

Let us help you access the future

One Identity,
One Solution,
One Team

As a strategic ForgeRock partner, we bring the collective knowledge of our entire team to every project.

IdentIT is an accredited delivery partner of ForgeRock with over 20 certified ForgeRock consultants. We deliver best-practice implementations of the ForgeRock Identity Platform including automated deployments on-prem, hybrid or in the cloud.

Digital Identity and Access for Every One and Every Thing

The AI-powered ForgeRock Identity Platform is both comprehensive and simple-to-use. It is the only platform that: includes full-suite IAM and identity governance and administration (IGA) capabilities, can be implemented across an organization for all identities (workforce, consumers, things), and offers feature parity across all delivery options, including on-premises, any cloud environment, and as a service.

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