Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

The foundation for a digital-first strategy

Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) helps organizations strike the right balance between customer experience and security, without having to sacrifice one for the other. CIAM lies at the intersection of customer experience, security, privacy, and analytics. These four business drivers are key to the adoption of CIAM. Take a closer look at each of these aspects, focusing on what they mean for your business’ bottom line.


Customer Experience




Companies that focus on providing an excellent digital experience to their consumers should also focus on personalization. To accomplish this, businesses need to build a 360-degree view of a consumer’s profile based on their interactions.

Ensure the safety of consumer data to secure consumer trust. The twin objective of enabling customer experience and reliable security systems can be met by implementing a Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solution.

Your consumer data insights can be a major competitive advantage, but only if your data is organized, accessible, and accurate. A Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solution helps achieve the goal of centralized, data-rich consumer profiles functioning as a single source of truth.

Data privacy laws like GDPR are fundamentally rewriting the rules how organizations collect, store, and share personal data. Meeting these legal obligations means managing your approach to Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM).

IdentIT offers innovative CIAM solutions that improve customer experience, increase security, reduce costs, improve business agility and help comply with data privacy regulations. Discover how CIAM can take your business to the next level and take a closer look the advantages for the different roles in your organization:

  • Unified login for a seamless customer experience
  • Deep link features to make your marketing automation actions more successful
  • Unleash personalized experiences through a holistic 360 view of your customer’s data
  • Clean data (golden record) for targeted marketing campaigns + consent management
  • Consent management features
  • Data privacy compliance and reduced complexity
  • Enhanced security with multi-factor authentication
  • Automated identity and access management
  • Flexible identity architecture for changing needs
  • Secure identity framework for improved UX
  • Security features and protocols
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements like GDPR, NIS2,
  • Integration with security eco-system like a SIEM, endpoint protection
  • Risk reduction through proactive threat detection and response
  • Identity Governance and Access Controls
  • Fraud detection and prevention through risk-based authentication
  • Seamless customer experiences through single sign-on, easy login, and self-service options for account management
  • Analytics and reporting – access patterns, security threats, registration stops
  • Scalability and performance
  • Integration capabilities to enable CRM, Marketing automation, data stores and more
  • Streamlined registration and onboarding
  • Faster onboarding through digital identity verification
  • Data protection and privacy compliance
  • Data minimization and purpose limitation
  • Consent management
  • Data subject rights
  • Security and encryption
  • Data retention and deletion


4-step approach to implementing CIAM solutions

Consumer Identity and Access Management is one of the most complex aspects of digital transformation, which is why so many organizations struggle with it. IdentIT has developed a 4-step approach to implementing CIAM solutions that helps organizations overcome these challenges.

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