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Revolutionizing Digital Onboarding: IdentIT’s Solution using Deeplinks

As a leading consultancy firm specializing in Consumer Identity & Access Management, we recently collaborated with one of our clients facing challenges in the adoption of their newest digital channel. They struggled with a significant disparity between the volume of contacts in their CRM system and the corresponding number of onboarded customers for this newest digital channel.

The challenge

The client’s digital onboarding rates presented a suboptimal scenario, acting as a bottleneck that hindered their ability to fully leverage their latest digital channel. Recognizing the importance of addressing this challenge, IdentIT took on the task of identifying and implementing a strategic solution.

The primary objective was to enhance the adoption rate of the client’s newest digital channel by optimizing the onboarding process, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Through a comprehensive analysis of the existing onboarding procedures and a collaborative effort with the client’s team, IdentIT aimed to find a solution that not only addressed the immediate issue but also laid the groundwork for sustained growth and improved user engagement. This collaborative initiative underscored IdentIT’s commitment to not just solving immediate issues but fostering long-term success for our clients in the dynamic landscape of Consumer Identity & Access Management.

IdentIT’s Solution – Deeplinks for Enhanced Registration

To enhance the registration process, IdentIT introduced a groundbreaking solution – deeplinks. Deeplinks are unique URLs that contain pre-filled identity information sourced from the CRM system. In simpler terms, they are personalized links that, when clicked, seamlessly transfer a user from their CRM record to the registration page with fields already populated. This innovative approach significantly streamlines the onboarding experience, ensuring a smoother and more connected user journey.

By leveraging deeplinks, IdentIT not only addressed the immediate challenge faced by our client but also introduced a transformative solution that added efficiency and cohesion to their digital interactions. The incorporation of this advanced technology facilitated a more fluid and connected onboarding process, ensuring that the client’s digital channel adoption rates experienced a significant uplift.

The Implementation Process

Utilizing CRM Data: IdentIT recognized that the CRM system housed valuable identity information but lacked the necessary credentials for a comprehensive digital identity registration.

Deeplinks Integration: IdentIT facilitated the creation of unique deeplinks for each CRM contact. These deeplinks contained identity information and were seamlessly integrated into the client’s marketing automation system.

Targeted Communication: The client’s marketing team utilized these deeplinks in their communications, providing each contact with a personalized link. This link directed the user to the registration page with pre-filled fields based on CRM data.

User Registration: By clicking on the deeplink, the user was directed to the registration page, where the pre-filled data simplified the process. Users had the option to modify the pre-filled information and set up their username/password or opt for biometric credentials.

Enhanced Security Measures: IdentIT addressed concerns about security by introducing flexible registration journeys. For instance, if a telephone number was available in the CRM data, a one-time code could be sent to the user for verification before pre-filling the registration page.

The Result

The implementation of IdentIT’s deeplinks strategy resulted in a remarkable 200% increase in onboarding rates for the client. This not only closed the gap between CRM records and digital identities but also paved the way for the creation of golden records, enabling self-service capabilities on top of CRM data.

The success of this project positions the client to explore further opportunities for digital engagement and business enablement. IdentIT continues to provide ongoing support and consultation to maximize the benefits of this transformative solution.


IdentIT’s expertise in Consumer Identity & Access Management, coupled with the strategic implementation of deeplinks, has not only addressed the immediate challenge faced by the client but has also laid the foundation for a more robust and efficient digital identity ecosystem.

If your organization is grappling with a similar discrepancy between CRM data and digital identities, IdentIT’s approach stands as a proven and effective solution. Get in touch to assess and elevate your digital landscape.

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