We don’t believe in wordy, boring vacancies. We would rather like you to meet your future colleagues and have a chat with them to get to know us. That is the first step in our recruitment process. Like Yannick and Jonathan, the founders. Discover their unique bond and their view on team management.

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One Team, One Solution, One Team

About IdentIT

Before IdentIT was launched in 2020, it was known as the ‘ForgeRock team’ within IS4U. This team was led by Jonathan, followed by Yannick in 2018. At the end of 2019 it was clear that the ‘ForgeRock team’ was ready to stand on his two feet with a bright looking future ahead, and so IdentIT was born in 2020.

Since then, IdentIT is a growing company where the IdentITers are the heart of the company and where every team member has the opportunity to grow and excel in what he likes the most. This is reinforced by the fact that we regularly organize team events, have remote working days at the office, and ensuring that everyone stays in touch with one another on different levels.

Learn more about IdentIT and how we try to encourage the team spirit in the video!

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Long standing friendship

About Yannick and Jonathan

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Jonathan has been working in the Identity and Access Management business for 8 years and has been running IdentIT since 2020. Together with Yannick they manage IdentIT, Yannick can be found as technical sales and is still present at one of our projects as product owner.   

The long-standing friendship between Yannick and Jonathan is still the base of their excellent cooperation today. But do they really know everything about each other? What makes the other laugh? What are the best skills of one another? What is their biggest motivation?

Discover their unique bond in the next video.

What the frog?

About each other

Nobody is perfect. One person’s strength is another’s weakness, but a close team can complement and strengthen each other. We went looking for answers to questions such as ‘Who’s the most structured?’ ‘Who’s the greatest psychologist?’ and ‘Who’s the best negotiator?’.

Would you like to know more about a future career at IdentIT? Or would you like to hear one of Jonathan’s famous frog jokes? Feel free to drop by for a coffee or contact us!

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