Did you know you have lots of similarities between a Formula 1 car and a consumer Identity
& access management tooling? Or Can you imagine a digital-first strategy without knowing who your Consumer is? Neither do I. A good first impression thrives business, a CIAM tooling that enables progressive registration and a seamless, yet secure authentication process sets the tone for further interactions with your company via web or mobile. I bet you’ve been in a registration process before wondering whether you can get this product or service somewhere else because their registration journey is cumbersome and unethical. This results in broken trust from day one. A CIAM tooling is the signboard of your company, the front door towards what really matters to you consumers. Make sure it’s appealing, convenient yet secure! Now that you understand the impact of a CIAM tooling you know why we came up with the title of this article, CIAM to survive.

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