Optimizing customer journeys with the help of CIAM

Providing excellent customer experiences

June 26, 2023 Cronos HQ

Inspiring presentations and knowledge sharing

Together with ForgeRock

Delicious complimentary lunch

Tailored to Cronos partner companies

Break up your day with a great lunch and valuable insights

A big part of our clients’ success depends on the ability to provide excellent customer experiences. Ensuring a seamless and effective customer journey is essential to achieving that objective. 

We believe that our CIAM solutions can help them to achieve it, and that you play a vital role in helping your clients create and deliver those journeys.

That’s why we would like to invite you to our Lunch and Learn event, on the 26th of June, from 12h00 to 14h00, at Cronos HQ (Veldkant 33a). Here we will share with you some insights on how our CIAM tools can help optimize customer journeys, improve security and help them sell more effectively. Join us for an informative presentation and a delicious complimentary lunch!

See how a CIAM tool can provide an optimized customer journey

Joining you during this lunch and learn

Jonathan Gheysens
Managing partner @ IdentIT

Yannick Peeters
Managing partner @ IdentIT

Lunch and learn – Optimizing customer journeys with the help of CIAM