Internship: Secure a TV platform

Forgerock Things

Securing a physical object over the internet

Internet of Things (IoT) has been a hot topic for several years, but until recently it never received the necessary attention in the world of Consumer Identity and Access Management. However, with the latest iteration of its platform, ForgeRock is now changing that. They introduce ForgeRock Things; a collection of SDKs that can be used in building a secure IoT platform. This assignment focuses on integrating the IoT capabilities within ForgeRock Identity Stack to solve a real world problem: securing a physical object over the internet.

IdenTV, one of the new players in the digital TV market, wants to distribute their set-top boxes among their consumers. To ensure a secure platform, IdenTV asked us to manage these devices with the ForgeRock products.

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Ready for a challenge?

Minimum viable product:

The design of the solution must meet the following requirements:

  • End users must be able to easily “register” their box in a secure manner through a CA trust PKI setup.
  • All communication between the device and the authentication platform must use a secure protocol.
  • ForgeRock’s IoT SDKs must be implemented in the client application.
  • Devices must be securely authenticated on the IoT platform.
  • Only authorized devices should have access to protected resources on the media content provider (provided by IdentIT).


  • Set up of different types of memberships
  • Server hardening and high availability setup

Technologies / Concepts involved in this assignment

  • ForgeRock IoT
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Federation protocols
  • Development with emphasis on security


The following delivery is expected at the end of the assignment:

  • (Technical) analysis of the problem statement
  • Architecture of the required components
  • Implementation that meets all stated requirements
  • Integration of the client application on the ForgeRock environment
  • Demo of the end-to-end solution
  • Documentation

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Get to know our former interns

Meet Max, Quinten and Jordy

Meet Jordy, Quinten and Maximilian – our interns of 2022. They chose to do their internship at IdentIT because the assignment really appealed to them. The assignment they got, was to secure a server with media files by using ForgeRock technology. You could compare it with a Neflix-like service that’s only accessible if you’ve received a token. Curious about their experiences? Check out the interview to read their reflections on the internship. 

By the way, did you know that Maximilian started his career at IdentIT after his internship? Read more about his experience so far!

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