Our interns of 2024

At IdentIT, we believe in empowering the next generation of IT professionals by providing them with real-world challenges and the opportunity to work on pioneering solutions in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM). This year, we were thrilled to welcome four exceptionally talented interns, Ali, Samuel, Nghi and Ramon, who brought their unique insights and enthusiasm to our team.

From exploring groundbreaking concepts like “Bring Your Own Identity” to enhancing user experiences in smart parking solutions, their work has been valuable to our continued success and innovation.

These stories shed light on the personal and professional growth our interns experienced and illustrate the profound impact an internship can have.

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Ali’s Dive into Digital Identity

During my internship, I tackled the fascinating “Bring Your Own Identity” project, focusing on authentication and authorization. It was a very interesting experience that not only expanded my technical expertise but also gave me a better view of the rapidly evolving IT world.

Each week I discovered something new, which kept the journey engaging and very educational. I was particularly struck by the collaborative atmosphere at IdentIT. Unlike I expected it to be in tech roles, I felt like part of a team—a real community of IT experts.

What stood out to me was the chance to really sharpen my analytical abilities. The project challenged me to think independently, approach problems creatively, and develop solutions that could potentially shape the future of cybersecurity. The mentorship I received was very inspiring. The quick, supportive feedback from my mentors helped me tackle the complexities of my project and helped me to develop more than only my technical skills.

Reflecting on my time at IdentIT, it was an important chapter in my career journey. It fueled my passion for IT and paved the way for future steps in cybersecurity.


Samuel's Leap into the Future of Identity

My internship on the “Bring Your Own Identity” project was an incredible step forward in my understanding of digital identity management. This didn’t feel like a simple internship in digital identity—it was about empowering individuals to control their digital identities, which is really something groundbreaking and essential in this digital age.

I was amazed by the innovative approach IdentIT takes towards technology. We weren’t just tweaking existing systems but creating something completely new, which really expanded my horizons. The environment here is electrifying and driven by a fantastic team that always tries to move forward. The mentorship I received was outstanding. My mentors were always available and  ready to guide and challenge me. This accelerated my learning and growth. They helped me see the big picture and the detailed steps needed to get there.

Reflecting on this experience, I’ve gained a lot of experience in identity technologies and also got a clear vision of where I want to go in my career. IdentIT has really boosted my career goals, showing me the exciting possibilities the future holds in IT.


Nghi's Chargepark Experience: Engineering Smarter Spaces

I took on the Chargepark Portal project, which was a real game-changer for me. It wasn’t just about creating a smart parking solution; it was about integrating CIAM principles to enhance how we manage and interact with these spaces.

I was happy to apply ForgeRock technology practically, seeing how innovative solutions can overcome everyday challenges like finding a parking spot or managing charging stations. It was both challenging and rewarding to work on such an exciting project, and it really improved my problem-solving skills.

The working environment at IdentIT was a pleasant surprise. Far from the serious, strict office life I imagined, IdentIT was lively and open, encouraging you to express your ideas and to collaborate. This friendly atmosphere not only made it easier to learn but also made everyday work enjoyable.

My mentors were a crucial part of this journey. They were always available to provide guidance and quick to offer solutions whenever I faced an problem, which really helped me learn a lot.

Overall, my internship at IdentIT was more than just a learning opportunity—it was a look into the future of smart technology and a significant leap forward in my professional development.


Ramon's Gateway to Cybersecurity: The Identity Path

My internship was centered around the intriguing “Bring Your Own Identity” project. This blend of research and hands-on experience helped me in my further exploration of cybersecurity, particularly within the field of customer identity and access management.

Right from the start, I was thrown into a world full of new challenges and ideas. The project required me to explore how individual identity management could revolutionize our digital interactions. This wasn’t just another internship; it was a project that pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible.

The work culture at IdentIT was a revelation. Unlike the traditional environments I expected, IdentIT was laid-back yet highly productive. This relaxed atmosphere encouraged creativity and made it easier to collaborate and share ideas with the other interns, colleagues and mentors.

Speaking of mentors, the guidance I received was top-notch. Always available and responsive, they helped me navigate through my research and provided the support needed to tackle complex problems effectively.

Looking back, this internship really triggered my interest in this exciting field.

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