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We don’t believe in wordy, boring vacancies. We would rather like you to meet your future colleagues and have a chat with them to get to know us. That is the first step in our recruitment process. Like Jeroen, who started as a trainee at IdentIT and he progressed to CIAM Expert within the following 4 years. Read about his day-to-day job below.

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Jeroen Hufkens

The link between the development team and our customer

As a CIAM expert (& analyst) my core task is to advise customers on how to design a CIAM solution according to best practices. It all starts with gathering requirements and identifying the needs of our customers in their Identity landscape.

Looking at my current project, I’m responsible for translating what the business needs
into stories for our CIAM developers. We have weekly sessions where I review the
running projects alongside our CIAM developers. In these meetings, we explore
the development work and assess what has been written against the initial
requirements. Nonetheless, we’re also able to identify bugs early on and fix
them even before the testing phase.

At any point in the project, I’m the link between the development team and our
customer. Being able to help my colleagues is one of the things I appreciate the
most from my job.

As an IdentIT consultant, most of our colleagues are working on different projects. However, I’m in close contact with my IdentIT colleagues as I find it important to stay
in touch with the rest of the team. IdentIT facilitates this by organizing regular events or ‘office days’ where the entire team comes together to work at our main office. It’s a great opportunity to exchange knowledge, help each other and of course take some time to have lunch with the team.

I must say IdentIT lives up to the quote; one identity, one solution, one team!

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  • Bringing the best out of every team member
  • Designing the best possible solution for our customers
  • Continuous Personal growth


  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Honesty
  • Quality


  • Insincerity
  • Scope creep
  • “It wasn’t me”


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